Delta Touch2o Faucet Review

Delta Touch2o Faucet

Delta Touch – Brilliance Stainless

A close friend of mine recently told me that she was totally in love with her new kitchen faucet. Her new Delta Touch2o Faucet, to be exact.

After a recent kitchen renovation, her pride and joy was not the overpriced, extraordinarily large, state of the art oven.  Nor was it the two rake, super quiet, super duper quick cleaning dishwasher. Need I go on? No. It was the kitchen faucet that had my girlfriend gooing, garing and singing its praises from the roof tops.  So, after one mighty intense hour I had to spend listening to her rant on, I decided that I must, no, really, it was my duty, to see this piece of so called brilliance. This is what I found.

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When I first saw the Delta Touch Faucet, I was immediately attracted. It’s high arc design is sleek and graceful. This particular faucet was part of the Pilar series with a single pull down handle and soap dispenser.

The faucet is quite large, almost 14″ high, and though I have seen bigger, I do know that the larger sized faucets tend to require the larger sized sinks, otherwise counter tops are incline to get wet.

The pull-down wand has a giant swivel range, which makes reaching every part of your sink possible, as well as a push button which allows you to choose between an aerated spray or stream modes. The head of the wand is equipped with Touch-Clean, these are soft rubber nubbins that allow you to easily clean away lime build-up and calcium with the touch of a finger.

Once you are done with the hose, an integrated magnet (magnatite) will keep your spray wand firmly docked. This also ensures that over time, the pull down wand will not droop.

Clearly, the exciting part of this faucet is the Touch2o technology. This feature is so handy. You can literally turn the faucet on or off with just a touch, anywhere on the faucet’s body or handle. An elbow, a wrist or back of your hand, whatever is available will turn the tap on or off for you. Think of all the times your hands have been covered with raw meat, cake batter or eggs – no need to transfer all that muck to the handle or the faucet – just a little tap with your forearm or elbow and the water is flowing. Obviously this technology will also help fight the spread of bacteria.

Arthritis sufferers would more than likely also find the Touch2o technology a pleasant change from the usual old fashion faucets.

You’ll also find that the Delta Touch2o Faucet will assist you in conserving water as you can now easily turn the water off while washing up, and just as easily touch it back on again. The Pilar series features a flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute at 60 psi, 8.3 litres per minute at 414 kPa.

The faucet also features diamond seal technology ensuring durability as well as keeps the water that is sitting inside the faucet, from coming into contact with potential metal contaminants.

A single, easy to use handle controls water temperature with right-to-left movement while flow rate is adjusted with an up-down movement. Some of the Touch2o series of faucets also come with a soap/lotion dispenser which simply load from the top and remove the need to have a bottle of soap or lotion on your kitchen counter.

If you’ve never installed a plain old fashion faucet before than my advice would be, don’t make this faucet your first. For those handy men or women however, you should have your faucet in, up and running within 2 hours. Four alkaline ‘C’ size batteries are also required for operation.

The Pilar series has three stunning finishes to choose from. Chrome, Brilliance Stainless and Venetian Bronze. Delta’s touch2o faucets also come in the Ashton and Addison series.

I found the price of the Delta Touch Faucets to be very reasonable given that there is nothing quite like it in the marketplace as yet. The price of the touch2o varies based on the series as well as the extra’s such as a pull-down wand or soap dispenser. The best online prices of the Delta Touch2o Faucet can be found at Amazon.

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